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Why Astro Navigation In Schools?

Russia is one of the few countries in the world to acknowledge the educational value of astro navigation and to include it as an important part of the school curriculum.  Astro navigation is not just  for navigators;  the subject is an interwoven mix of geography, astronomy, history and mathematics and  should appeal to mariners and scholars alike.

Many educational institutions such as nautical schools and maritime colleges include astro navigation in their curricula as a subject in its own right while, for others, it provides the perfect theme for integrated studies and open-ended project work.

‘Astro Navigation Demystified’ is a new book which is already attracting a great deal of interest in the North American academic market on the basis of its excellent professional standard and wide ranging educational content.  The book was written by an experienced educationalist and navigator with both scholars and sailors in mind.

The paperback version is available from and and also from Nielsen Books.  The Ebook version is split into two volumes for technical reasons and these are available from Amazon in Kindle format.


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