Survival – Declination Table

Sun’s Declination Table

The following table shows the mean values of the declination of the Sun for each day of the year over the leap year cycle.

The value of each declination is taken to 1 decimal place which is compatible with the expected accuracy of a clinometer reading.

1 23.1S 17.3S 7.8S 4.3 N 14.9N 22.0N
2 22.9S 17.1 S 7.4S 4.7 N 15.2N 22.1N
3 22.9S 16.8S 7.0S 5.1 N 15.5N 22.2N
4 22.8S 16.5S 6.6S 5.5 N 15.8N 22.3N
5 22.7S 16.2S 6.3S 5.8 N 16.1N 22.5N
6 22.6S 15.8S 5.8S 6.2 N 16.4N 22.6N
7 22.4S 15.6S 5.5S 6.6 N 16.6N 22.7N
8 22.3S 15.2S 5.1S 7.0 N 16.9N 22.8N
9 22.2S 14.8S 4.7S 7.3 N 17.2N 22.9N
10 22.1S 14.6S 4.3S 7.7 N 17.4N 23.0N
11 21.9S 14.3S 3.9S 8.1 N 17.7N 23.0N
12 21.8S 13.9S 3.5S 8.5 N 18.0N 23.1N
13 21.6S 13.6S 3.1S 8.8 N 18.2N 23.2N
14 21.5S 13.3S 2.8S 9.2 N 18.5N 23.2N
15 21.3S 12.9S 2.3S 9.5 N 18.7N 23.3N
16 21.1 S 12.6S 2.0S 9.9 N 19.0N 23.3N
17 20.9S 12.2S 1.6S 10.3N 19.2N 23.3N
18 20.7S 11.8 S 1.2S 10.6N 19.4N 23.4N
19 20.5S 11.6 S 0.8S 10.9N 19.6N 23.4N
20 20.3S 11.2 S 0.4S 11.3N 19.8N 23.5N
21 20.1S 10.8S 0.0 11.6N 20.1N 23.5N
22 19.8S 10.5S 0.4N 12.0N 20.3N 23.5N
23 19.6S 10.1S 0.8N 12.3N 20.4N 23.5N
24 19.4S 9.7S 1.2N 12.4N 20.6N 23.4N
25 19.2S 9.4S 1.6N 13.0N 20.8N 23.4N
26 18.8S 9.0S 2.0N 13.3N 21.0N 23.4N
27 18.6S 8.6S 2.6N 13.6N 21.2N 23.3N
28 18.4S 8.3S 2.8N 14.0N 21.4N 23.3N
29 18.1S 8.0S 3.1N 14.3N 21.5N 23.2N
30 17.8S   – 3.5N 14.6N 21.6N 23.2N
31 17.6S   – 3.8N    – 21.8N    –
1 23.1N 18.1N 8.5N 2.9S 14.2S 21.7S
2 23.1N 17.9N 8.1N 3.3S 14.6S 21.8S
3 23.0N 17.6N 7.8N 3.7S 14.8S 22.0S
4 22.9N 17.4N 7.4N 4.1S 15.2S 22.1S
5 22.8N 17.1N 7.0N 4.5S 15.5S 22.3S
6 22.7N 16.8N 6.6N 4.8S 15.8S 22.4S
7 22.6N 16.6N 6.3N 5.3S 16.1S 22.5S
8 22.5N 16.3N 5.9N 5.6S 16.4S 22.6S
9 22.5N 16.0N 5.5N 6.0S 16.6S 22.7S
10 22.3N 15.7N 5.1N 6.4S 16.9S 22.8S
11 22.2N 15.4N 4.8N 6.8S 17.2S 22.9S
12 22.1N 15.1N 4.4N 7.1S 17.5S 23.0S
13 21.9N 14.8N 4.0N 7.5S 17.8S 23.1S
14 21.8N 14.5N 3.6N 7,9S 18.1S 23.1S
15 21.6N 14.2N 3.3N 8.3S 18.3S 23.2S
16 21. 5N 13.9N 2.8N 8.6S 18.6S 23.3S
17 21.3N 13.6N 2.5N 9.0S 18.8S 23.3S
18 21.1 N 13.3N 2.1N 9.4S 19.1S 23.3S
19 20.9N 13.0N 1.7N 9.7S 19.3S 23.4S
20 20.8N 12.6N 1.3N 10.1S 19.6S 23.4S
21 20.6N 12.3N 0.9N 10.5S 19.8S 23.5S
22 20.4N 12.0N 0.5N 10.8S 20.0S 23.5S
23 20.2N 11.6N 0.1N 11.2S 20.2S 23.4S
24 20.0N 11.3N 0.2S 11.5S 20.4S 23.4S
25 19.8N 10.9N 0.6S 11.8S 20.6S 23.4S
26 19.6N 10.6N 1.0S 12.2S 20.8S 23.4S
27 19.3N 10.3N 1.4S 12.6S 21.0S 23.3S
28 19.1 N 9.9N 1.8S 12.9S 21.2S 23.3S
29 18.9N 9.6N 2.1S 13.2S 21.3S 23.2S
30 18.6N 9.3N 2.6S 13.6S 21.5S 23.2S
31 18.4N 8.8N    – 13.8S    – 23.1S

















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