Applying Mathematics to Astro Navigation


Although this book is primarily a learning aid, it will appeal to anyone with a fascination of the sea. It’s aims are to demonstrate the application of mathematics to astro navigation and also to provide a system of astro navigation which could be used in circumstances where navigators are faced with problems caused by failure of satellite navigation systems or even in ‘survival at sea’ situations.

Few navigation books describe techniques that involve first principles; instead they mostly describe methods which rely upon the use of tables of computed data and rote-learned procedures. There is obviously very little educational value in such techniques; far better that readers should be helped to discover and apply the underlying principles for themselves.  Accordingly, the approach adopted in this book involves putting the student in the place of a navigator who has no automated navigation equipment, chronometer or ‘Sat. Nav.’ and who must therefore discover a means of navigating without them. To this end, readers are guided through a method of calculating their position on the earth’s surface by the application of spherical trigonometry without reliance upon equipment other than a sextant (or other device for measuring angles) and a nautical almanac. Russia is one of the few countries in the world to acknowledge the educational value of astro navigation which is a fascinating subject that encompasses many areas of knowledge including geography, astronomy, history and mathematics.

The book will take you on a voyage of discovery in search of knowledge of the principles underlying astro navigation.  It will also help you to appreciate the inter-relatedness of the various disciplines that are encompassed by the subject for which mathematics provides the binding medium.

This brand new book by the author of Astro Navigation Demystified is available on the Amazon websites.

Astro Navigation blog:  Astro Navigation Demystified.



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