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Accuracy of Sight Reduction Methods.

In my recent article ‘Why Astro‘, I highlighted the risks in using the GPS.  Since writing that article, I am frequently asked “if astro / celestial navigation is to be used, which of the many systems is the best”.  Sight … Continue reading

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Short Distance Sailing And Rhumb Line Sailing

In my previous post about the meridian passage long method, I demonstrated how the ‘Short Distance Sailing Formulas’ are used to calculate a vessel’s position at meridian passage.  I have since received several questions asking how these formulas allow for … Continue reading

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Meridian Passage Long Method

Links:  Understanding Meridian Passage, Equation of Time,   Meridian Passage Short Method,  Short Distance Sailing Formulae,  What is the point of meridian passage?         Zone Time,    Local Hour Angle and Greenwich Hour Angle,   Converting GMT to GHA … Continue reading

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The ‘Where To Look’ Method.

To determine the altitude and azimuth of a celestial body, we could make calculations by using mathematical formulae; we could compute them with the aid of sight reduction tables; we could use star globes and star charts or we could … Continue reading

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