Astro Navigation Demystified

fullkindlecover3‘Astro Navigation Demystified’ makes the art of astro navigation (also called celestial navigation) easy and enjoyable to learn. This large, comprehensive manual of astro navigation is written in plain language and as the title suggests, it seeks to dispel the aura of mystery which surrounds the subject. Astro Navigation Demystified was written by Jack Case, a retired naval officer who believes that astro navigation is not just for navigators; the subject is an interwoven mix of geography, astronomy, history and mathematics and should appeal to both mariners and scholars alike.

Astro Navigation Demystified is available in both paperback and e-book formats from  and other Amazon sites worldwide.

The e-book version can be read with Kindle, iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac platforms and will be downloaded automatically by Amazon to your device. A free Kindle Reading App can also be downloaded from Amazon.

David Clark, Master Mariner and Admiralty Pilot, says “This an ideal book for learning the art of astro navigation. It is perfect for navigation students, both professional and leisure orientated.

Where to buy books of the Astro Navigation Demystified series:

Astro Navigation Demystified at

Astro Navigation Demystified at

Applying Mathematics to Astro Navigation at Amazon .com

Applying Mathematics to Astro Navigation at Amazon .uk

Astronomy for Astro Navigation at

Astronomy for Astro Navigation at



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